A Letter from Prison

Diesen Brief haben wir im Jänner 2014 von einem Angeklagten aus dem Gefängnis bekommen mit der Bitte ihn zu veröffentlichen.

About my Situation
19th of January 2014

I feel shameful because I am here in this county where there is no justice. I hate the moment when I decided to live in Austria, really I hate it. I hate this system and I also hate the law of this country. Now I’m in here nearly six months and in these six months I NEVER talk to my family. Why? Why can’t I talk to my family? What is the fault of my mother? What is fault of my father? Minimum 50 times I asked the social worker “I want to talk to my mother” and she said no, this is not possible. Fuck you why is it not possible?!
Feiertag was our celebration day (Eid Mubarak), I was here and I asked every policeman. I was crying so much and asking these people “please can I say hello to my mother” and they say ‘this is not possible’.
We were not criminal but they want to make us criminal. Because we are here unschuldig, they want to give another turn of our lives. We were normal humans, we were living normal lives, but they don’t like us like that.
Now I’m here, crying, nobody can see my Tränen. These Tränen are not Tränen, these Tränen are Säure.
Really if my life gets any turn like Kriminalität then they are responsible of that.
Now I’m 20 years old. This is a very important time of my life. If this year I’m here, in prison, then how is my Zukunft? Why they don’t think about us? I know for them is scheißegal but for us it is not. We are coming here for making good our life but they make shit our life.
If we are happy in Pakistan then we don’t come to this country. We are coming here with many problems. Why they don’t understand when I come to Pakistan my family doesn’t have money. They sell their own home for me and now they are living in eine monatliche Wohnung. Who likes it like this? They sell their home because they think I can live happy like this. If the Austrian police destroy me, who is responsible of that?
I don’t understand one thing: They say we make this work. If we are making this work, then here in Austria why don’t we have an own home? Why were we living with Caritas? Then, why did we get money from Caritas every week? Why don’t we have a car or something like that? Those who are doing this work, they are sitting in Greece or in Serbia from where the people are coming. We also came from this way. We are not stopped if we want to do this work then we don’t pay for coming here, then we also stay there and work there. We don’t want to do this work because I know how difficult it is to make money, I don’t think somebody knows better than me.
Please help us, you are our hope.