Overview of the Sentences

1st defendant: 22 months, thereof 15 on parole
2nd defendant: 8 months, thereof 5 on parole
3rd defendant: 7 months, thereof 6 on parole
4th defendant: acquittal
5th defendant: 28 months, thereof 21 on parole
6th defendant: 13 months, thereof 10 on parole
7th defendant: 18 months, thereof 15 on parole
8th defendant: 10 months, thereof 7 on parole

As explanation: A sentence on parole means that it is not executed, hence the convict doesn’t have to go to prison. Only if the person is sentenced again during a certain period, the first sentence on parole can be changed to an unconditional one and the person would have to go to prison. The unconditional part of the sentence is the difference between the total sentence and the parole. The investigative custody counts as sentence after the verdict.
For example : The 1st defendant got a sentence of 22 months, thereof 15 on parole. That means that he got 7 months unconditional imprisonment, which he was already jailed during the investigation custody. As long as he will not be sentenced again during a fixed period, he won’t have to go to prison for the 15 months of parole.