Statement by some of the accused

This statement was written by some of the accused persons.

On tuesday, the 6th of may, our trial will continue.
There are a lot of mistakes in the “Anklageschrift” of our case, so
the trial had to be stopped after five days.
Who is responsible for our eight months in prison?
How can we explain the situation of our criminalization to our families? We lost a lot of family members while we were not allowed to contact them. The father of one person died, of one other the brother – everyone of us lost dear ones.
And this is human rights in Austria? Sometimes we feel like human rights
only apply for Austrian people here. Why are all the prisons full of
Nine months after our arrest all of us were released. But this is only a
small success. One and a half month we were outside of prison, but in
reality we don’t feel free. The civil police is following us all the
time, searching for us and controls what we are doing. This is why our
mind is feeling like a second prison. We are confused and we understand
that it will not stop that the state and the police want to make us

When we got released we felt very happy, but now the time is running
until we have to face the court again. It is very difficult to feel
treated fairly and as humans after so many months in prison, without
contact to our families, with many losses and all this investigation
going on. But we are strong!
We hope the judge will give us justice.